I’m really proud of this project, because I designed it myself! I did all the measuring and figuring out where I wanted everything, and then Chris helped me get the X-Carve all set up to cut it out.

I wanted something to put on my nightstand that could hold my phone, watch, and thermometer (for basal body tracking). I tried out a few different layouts, and finally came up with one that worked perfectly! I didn’t want any cords hanging down the front of the nightstand, so I designed it so the Apple Watch charging cord goes down the back, and the iPhone charging cord goes down the side. Perfect!

I really enjoyed making this, and I’d love to make more nightstand organizers in the future to sell! If you were to purchase one, what would be a must have for you?

Watch our video down below!

Lots of measuring! I knew I wanted a little bit of space for my phone and thermometer, so it wasn’t a pain getting them in and out. But the Apple Watch cord needed to fit snug enough that it wouldn’t fall out! I knew the cord would help keep it in place too.

Chris double checked all my measuring and designing in Easel 😉

Getting ready to carve!

It’s such a satisfying process to watch!

Here it’s cutting out the edge of the board:

I tested everything out, and it was all perfect except for the phone cord! Somehow it was slightly smaller than it needed to be, so I sanded it down with some regular sandpaper.

Chris used the router to round over the edges:

Sanding the edges again:

We just used one coat of stain and wiped the excess off after a few minutes.

After it dried, we applied Odie’s Oil, which is our favorite finishing oil! It looks beautiful, is food safe, and smells SO good! And a tiny bit goes a long way!

All done! I love how the X-Carve made little triangles in the phone holder with its cutting path!

It works perfectly!!

My watch charger has been laying on the floor for over 8 months, so I’m super happy to finally have it in a convenient place! 😄

Wood Nightstand Organizer

July 19, 2019

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