Does anybody else remember singing the old “Hymn of Promise”? It goes like this…

In the bulb there is a flower; in the seed, an apple tree;
in cocoons, a hidden promise: butterflies will soon be free!
In the cold and snow of winter there’s a spring that waits to be,
unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

It’s a very fitting hymn for this blog post, because Chris and I recently planted a bunch of new trees at the house! Right now they are just tiny little things, and it will be years before we see much from them… unrevealed until their season! Chris’s parents gifted us 10 trees for our wedding, and they finally arrived a few weeks ago! We planted 6 fruit trees up on the hill (pears, peaches, and apples!), a flowering cherry tree in the front yard, a grapevine behind the fruit trees, and a magnolia tree and white oak on the hill. The white oak is extra special, because it’s ‘our’ tree. We see it as symbolic of our marriage… it’s very new right now, but as the tree grows and strengthens, so will our marriage!

When the trees arrived in the mail, it was still pretty bitter cold outside. We had to wait a few days to plant the magnolia and fruit trees, and even longer to plant the oak and cherry trees! The latter two spent a good amount of time warm inside the house, and the cherry tree even started to bloom a little. We’re hoping that they’ll adapt to being outside just fine, and that they’re not too shocked by the cold.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these little trees grow! I know we have quite a few years until they’re even semi mature, but they’re still a fun addition to our property. Who knows how long we’ll be in this farmhouse, but hopefully we’ll get to see the fruits of our labor (literally… we really want some of that fruit! 😉)!

I am SO excited to see this magnolia as a huge tree someday!


We can’t wait to get some peaches and make homemade peach ice cream in the summertime  😍


Chris chopped down a dead tree in the front yard, and we planted the cherry tree right next to it (after he covered up the stump). The septic lines run through the front yard, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t hit anything, so we figured planting right beside the existing tree was a safe bet 🙂


Our oak tree! It will be something very special to see this tree mature and grow. Now cross your fingers and pray that all our trees survive the next few years!! 😉

Unrevealed until its season

March 21, 2019

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