Not only was this the first snow of 2020, but it was also the first snow all winter! The past few years in Virginia, it hasn’t been unusual for most of our big snows to happen January-March. But we typically get at least a small amount of snow in December! But 2019 was just too warm, and it didn’t happen for us.

At least now we get some beautiful snow! Even if it is a month late 😄 I was so excited to get outside and take some pictures! Yesterday Chris came home from work early, before the roads got too bad, and we took Lincoln out to play in the snow. He absolutely LOVED it!! Last year when it snowed, he was in the middle of his heartworm treatments, so he wasn’t allowed to have any activity. But this year, he got to run around and play to his hearts content! I took some pictures of him catching snowballs, and they are some of my favorite pictures ever 😄❤️

I am so thankful that we live in a region with all the seasons. I can’t imagine not seeing any snow in the winter! It makes everything feel so new, bright, and clean. I’m sure this snow will melt too quickly for my liking, so I’m already looking forward to the next storm!

Seeing our red barn in the snow makes me so happy!

He was so funny… when Chris threw a snowball, Lincoln would actually dig through the snow until he found THE snowball! Then he’d eat it 😂

A beautiful end to a wonderful snow day ❤️

The First Snow

January 8, 2020

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