Currently there are a lot of bare walls in our house. I am waiting until I get our wedding pictures back to really dive into decorating, because I know I will want to print lots of our photos, but obviously I don’t know how many or how big or where I’ll put them! I have so much art in the upstairs bedroom just waiting to be hung, and I can’t wait to find the perfect place for all of it! So right now I only have two prints on the walls, because I knew for sure that I wanted them there.

But there’s another wall in our house that I knew exactly what I wanted to hang there. In fact, I decided this way back in May before the house was even ours! There’s a section of wall in our dining room that is the perfect place to hang three vertical frames. So what is it? Cow noses. Why? Because cow noses are absolutely adorable! I’ve seen the big bison nose print at Hobby Lobby, and a few other examples on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find anything that I truly loved. But then I remembered, I’m a photographer, this is literally my job 😉

It took quite a while, but I finally made it out to a local dairy farm (Mount Crawford Creamery) that lets you walk their grounds. This was perfect, because I grew up with dairy cows in the backyard, and even lived on a dairy farm for a year while dad worked there. I was so excited to take these pictures and have them live in our dining room!

Honestly, to my shock, I got exactly what I was wanting! The cows were very well behaved for me (except for one, who I think is a little *special*, haha), and I got the three perfect cow noses I dreamed of. I was so excited that I went home, edited, and ordered the prints right away!

I wish I could show you how they look on the wall, but 1) I don’t have the prints yet, and 2) I’m waiting to do a BIG dining room reveal post!! If you remember how it looked when we bought the house, you are in for a huge surprise. We have completely re-done the entire room, and it looks AMAZING! There are a few more elements we want to finish up before showing it to the world, but hopefully I’ll get to share it soon!

Scroll to the end to see the three adorable photos that will soon grace the walls of our dining room! 😍

The Cows of Mt. Crawford Creamery

January 8, 2019

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