Last year on April 6th was the very first time Chris and I came to look at our house. I honestly don’t remember all that much about the first time we saw it, except thinking “I WANT THIS HOUSE I WANT THIS HOUSE” 😉 The next two months was a whirlwind of getting a home inspection, signing a million papers, and cleaning up so Chris could move in.

That means that I don’t really remember what our house looks like in the spring! I didn’t truly start paying attention to the yard, trees, flowers, and bushes until at least June. It’s been so fun seeing flowers pop up that I had no idea were there! We have loads of plans for landscaping… some of it will have to wait for a while, and a few other things we hope to get accomplished this summer!

I got this wreath from Target, and added some flowers from Michaels. My welcome mat is from IKEA, and it’s only $7! I layered it with an ivory IKEA mat, but I can’t find it online. It was only $4 in the store! It’s so cute!

The other evening I took a few pictures of Lincoln under this gorgeous tree in our backyard. The blooms look like a red bud tree, but from how I remember it looking last summer, I don’t think it is.

A bee flew overhead and he was very intrigued 🤣


This is his “I don’t know what that noise was” face 🤣


The next morning I took a few more photos of things springing to life around the house…

These are some logs Chris chopped down the other week. Within the next two years, we’ll have some beautiful walnut lumber!


I can’t wait for this Rose of Sharon to bloom! It looked SO beautiful last year. It was actually 2 large bushes, and so we dug up one so there’s only one left. They kind of overcrowded the walkway last year! We split the other one into 4 smaller bushes, and planted them around the house. We’re hoping we dug them up soon enough and they’ll bloom too!



Springtime Around the House

April 12, 2019

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