Chris is always working on a project of some sort, and I wanted to share three things he recently (and not so recently) completed! He has started a new Instagram account to share his creations (woodworking and beyond!), so we’d love it if you followed along! We’re planning on posting a giveaway sometime soon, so make sure you catch it!

First up is our coffee table! It’s been done for quite a while now, but I’m somehow just now getting around to sharing it. Chris made this table from pallet wood, because he had a surplus from work! Free wood is always accepted here 🙌🏻 I love the farmhouse style, but I definitely don’t want to swing too far in that direction. Touches of wood in a clean, white space are my favorites! And as much as I love white, I’m learning to love color too. Bright colors, when done well, can be clean too!

We spent a while trying to find the perfect stain to match the vision in my head. We ended up choosing American Walnut by Old Masters. It’s the perfect color to me! I love those rich, dark wood colors. We use this stain on everything we stain now! Of course, the different woods will take the stain differently, but I want everything in the house to be as cohesive as possible.

Chris decided to finish it with an epoxy, to make it super durable and waterproof. It’s great because we can set cups on it without worrying about ruining the wood. We still use coasters, but at least we know we could be rebels if we wanted to 😉

Before staining:

Mom has been talking about needing a bluetooth speaker for a long time, so Chris and I decided to make her one for Christmas! Of course, Chris did all the work, but I take credit for wrapping the present 😉 He was able to use much higher quality wood for this build, and it turned out beautifully! The face and back is made of walnut, and it’s surrounded by cherry.

Chris did all the wiring for this speaker! When he first came up with the idea, I thought he wanted to just make a case for a pre-bought speaker. Nope! He did all the research for the sound boards, buttons, all of it! I do not have a mind that works like his does, so he constantly amazes me. I don’t think I could ever figure all that out!

The holes in the face of the speaker took an hour and a half to carve out on the x-carve! But it looks so fun, and I’m so glad that’s the route we chose!

And finally, for Christmas, my love made me a jewelry box! He made it from walnut and poplar. He even made movable compartments inside! I just love it, and knowing he spent all that time to make me something is even sweeter ❤️ He spent many evenings in the shop, working on a project I wasn’t allowed to know anything about. As much as I hate surprises, I also kind of love them, and finally getting to see the finished product on Christmas morning was so special.

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January 10, 2019

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