First let me say this… I am SO tired of painting!! I feel like I’ve been painting things non-stop, and I’m seriously ready for a break. I painted the half bath (including the vanity), our kitchen cabinets (halfway done…), the vanity in our master bathroom, and now both sides of our front door. It may not seem like a lot, but each one required multiple coats and different kinds of paint, and so I’m perfectly fine to put down the paint brush for a while.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon, hahaha. But I am so happy that our front door is finished!! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while (almost a year now!), and I finally got around to it. I went back and forth on what color I wanted to paint it, but ultimately decided on yellow. I think it goes with the farmhouse look so well!

Just for reference, this is what our house looked like the day we got the keys:

Our landscaping needed some serious help, and we’re slowly making a big impact! I photoshopped a photo of how I wanted it to look, and it’s been my inspiration through the process this spring.

Here is the door right before I started painting (wreath from Target, I added the flowers from Michaels):

And after!

I used Aura Grand Entrance (Satin finish), and the color is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Viking Yellow‘. I wanted a color that was bright and bold, but I really wanted to stay away from it being like a highlighter. I notice undertones and shades in colors more than the average person, and I was very adamant about it not having green undertones. If anything, I wanted it to be slightly more orange-y! Definitely yellow, but with hints or gold to it. See? I’m not picky at all. 😉


Of course I chose yellow, the hardest color to paint. Dad is a painter, so his expert opinion was to use the Grand Entrance paint, because it stays wet longer than other paint. This allowed me to have fewer brush strokes on the door. First you have to paint each little block on the door, and then you paint around them.


The problem with using Grand Entrance, is that I am not a patient person. You have to wait 16-24 hours in between each coat, and you can’t shut the door until 6 hours after it’s dried. So for three days, I painted a coat first thing in the morning, and made sure it stayed propped open. I also put up plastic on the doorframe, so I could keep the door open without bugs flying inside. Then around 2-3pm, I was able to put the hardware back on and shut the door. Definitely a big hassle, but it worked out so well in the end result!


The photoshop vision is coming to life! Those four ferns are split from one of moms huge ferns, so they’re looking a little small and peaked. They are definitely growing though, and I’m hoping that by the end of this summer they’ll be full and luscious!


Another thing on the to do list is to paint the concrete porch. I’m thinking maybe a light grey? Or possibly a similar beige color, just to clean it all up!


Both mats are from IKEA!


I’m really happy with how the color turned out! After the first coat, I was feeling slightly worried, because it definitely had more of a green highlighter undertone. But I kept going, and after the third coat, the golden color came shining through!


(yes, I just noticed while editing these photos that the deadbolt is slightly crooked… fixing that asap, hahaha)

I also painted all the trim around the door, because it was the same light grey color that the door was before. There was also that unfortunate strip of natural wood that may or may not have been caused by me and a pressure washer… Oops! Now it’s all white and clean and beautiful!


Here’s a final before and after:

I am SO pleased with the result!! What are your thoughts? Are you liking the yellow too? 🙂

Painting Our Front Door Yellow

May 10, 2019

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