I’m getting this post up so much later than I intended, but I guess that’s just life! I’ve been busier than ever with editing, and I absolutely love it! But I also can’t wait for our 9-day vacation starting on Saturday!! It will be a much needed time of relaxation.

It’s really hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we bought our house! Well, over a year at this point 😉 It seems like there’s a never ending and always growing list of projects we want to complete! But I also am shocked at how far our cute farmhouse has come!! Not to toot our own horn, but we have made some pretty incredible improvements, and I’m so proud of that!

I decided I wanted to do a big house update for our one-year anniversary, because I feel like I’ve really fallen behind on sharing details about our home. And honestly, it’s because I always want to wait until a room is really finished before taking pictures. We’ve had lots of little projects, and things that have been in the end stages for a while (mostly due to time and waiting to find the perfect resources), so I haven’t shared all the in betweens. Maybe I should start trying to do that, even if it’s not the pretty finished product!

So last week I walked through our house and took photos of most of the rooms again, just to compare with how it looked a year ago! It’s undergone a huge transformation! We’re in the middle of a big kitchen remodel, so it looks like a mess right now. We haven’t had time to make the hexagon wall art I want in the living room. We don’t have cute matching nightstands. But this is what our house looks like right now, and I absolutely love it! I love waking up everyday in this house – it’s perfect for us (except for not having internet… haha!)! We are so thankful to call it home.

I’m really happy that I took these pictures, even though it’s not all Instagram worthy or the final product. Our house will NEVER be completely finished, and there will always be a new project! But that’s part of what makes our life so exciting, and I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️

If you want to see more pictures of when we first bought our house, you can find the original post here!

Let’s start with the outside of the house… Here’s how it looked the day we bought it:

Our main goal here was to clean up the siding, and create a large flower bed in front of the porch. We accomplished both of those things, and here’s what it looks like now:

There are definitely still some things we’d like to do here, including painting the concrete porch, fixing the patchy grass, and spreading mulch.


I am still obsessed with how our front door turned out, and my ferns are starting to perk up a little more! I’m excited for my hydrangeas to grow much bigger, and they’re already getting some beautiful blooms on them!! I took these pictures a few days ago, and since then there’s already a LOT more blooms!



When this Rose of Sharon blooms, it’s just incredibly beautiful. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it all year!


Here’s a before of the porch:

And what it looks like now:

Now for the biggest transformations… inside! Then:

And now!

I can’t get over how different this room looks… I still just adore this paint color!! I always knew I wanted to paint all the trim white, and it made such a huge improvement on all the rooms. It’s a large room, and our sofa looks so nice and bright in the middle! Another big thing we did was change all the outlets from that almond color to white. It’s a simple fix that makes a big difference!


Here’s a before facing the other way:

And after!

The kitchen is still a work in progress, but it’s definitely greatly improving!! I wanted to brighten up the kitchen quite a bit, since it’s kind of in a dark corner of the house.

Now half the cabinet doors are off, and half the cabinets Chris has finished! We’ll need to get black handles for all the doors and drawers, and I plan to shiplap the side of the pantry and the three sides of the island. Even with the state it’s in, I still think it looks better than before!! 😄

These green counters will be another future project, and will be replaced by an epoxy marble! I can’t WAIT for that!!

This half bath is something I’m really proud of, because I did it 95% by myself! I painted all the walls, the vanity, everything. I just had dad come and do one last coat on the baseboard trim, because I didn’t trust myself to not get the white paint all over the place, hahaha.

I have had that cow picture for the longest time… probably since just after we bought the house! I could picture it in this bathroom, and I’ve been waiting for a long time to put it up. I finished this bathroom project back in April, but I didn’t blog it because I’ve been waiting until we put up some wood shelves over the toilet. Maybe I should’ve blogged it anyway, but either way I’m glad to be sharing it now!


The master bedroom, before:

And after!

We actually very recently got that king size bed, and it’s AMAZING! We went from a full to a king, and it feels like I have an entire island to myself whenever I go to sleep. I’m still using the duvet from our previous bed, and waiting for the bigger one to come in the mail. Like I said, I didn’t style our house specially for these pictures, I just wanted to document how it looks right now!


I think the thing that ties our whole room together is the beautiful rug. I had mentioned before that a generous couple from church gifted it to us, and I smile every time I walk in and see it! And also this wall color, it’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with it, since I used the same color in the bathroom and dining room, hahaha.


We have matching lamps, but mine is on my old nightstand, and Chris is just using an apple crate for his 😂 Someday we’ll have beautiful matching nightstands! The biggest thing is that we want all the wood furniture in the bedroom to match, and we haven’t decided what wood we want to use yet! 😂 Someday Lincoln will also have a custom crate that matches the bedroom better!


This ottoman looked a lot better when we had a full size bed, now it’s a little small 😂 Maybe I’ll have Chris build a bigger bench for there 😂


This bench has been such a fun project, and I haven’t blogged about it either!! Same deal with it not being quite finished… Chris is building cabinet doors and drawers into it, but we haven’t found the wood we want yet! But even still, Lincoln is SO happy with it! It’s his favorite place to be ❤️

Of course, you probably remember the dining room

It’s still hard to get over the difference here 😂

And here’s just a quick shot of the office area, which actually looked better before, when it wasn’t filled with stuff 😂

We really just cleaned up in here, because I honestly don’t even want to decorate it! Eventually this room will be a kids room or nursery, so I didn’t want to have to decorate it twice, haha!

The two upstairs bedrooms haven’t changed either, except for one of them being our ‘catch-all’ storage room, and the other being a guest room. And by guest room I mean “I moved the full size bed into that room and that’s all” hahaha. The other full bathroom that’s just off the dining room hasn’t been touched, but someday we’ll get there!

This post has been so much fun! I hope you enjoyed seeing what our home looks like now. I want to share more of our projects soon, but let me know if you’d like to see projects that are in the middle stages too! ☺️

One Year Later… (A Home Update)

June 4, 2019

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