About two weeks ago I had an idea to gift my parents with a fun anniversary photo session. The last time I remember doing a specific photoshoot or my parents was 2011! Which is just not acceptable as a photographer 😄 Also, please do yourself a favor and look at the photos from 2011 and have a laugh at how awful they look (not my cute parents, my photography ‘skills’).

This shoot was seriously the most fun ever… A lady at our church is an amazing florist, and I had her make a gorgeous springy bouquet for mom! I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out 😍 Joelle and I baked a replica of one tier of their wedding cake, and honestly it turned out PERFECT. Instead of being a photo editor, I’ve decided to open my own cake shop. 😉 I also got together a few photos for mom and dad to look through, which might have been my favorite part of the whole evening!

I just really felt like it was way past time for my parents to get all dressed up and have a special evening together, and getting these photos to forever look back on! I love every single one of these photos, and I am so thankful we’ll always have these memories! During the shoot, I also created a video, which I also absolutely love ❤️ Click here to watch it!!

To wrap this up, I am just so thankful for my parents. They are the greatest example of a Christ-centered marriage, and I love that after all these years they can still have fun together – we laughed the whole evening! The way my parents love each other is so inspiring. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom and dad! I love you both, happy 31st anniversary!!

Dad’s always cracking jokes 🤣

LOVE these!! My mom is so beautiful!!

Joelle was the best assistant during this shoot… all my photographer friends, hire her to assist on your wedding days!! As long as you don’t mind her eating cake 😄

Joelle and I LOVE this picture of dad! Such a stud!


Mom & Dad’s 31st Anniversary

February 11, 2020

4 Comments on Mom & Dad’s 31st Anniversary

  1. Breck Hook says:

    Such an incredible gift for an incredible couple!

  2. Davene says:

    Emily, this is absolutely stunning! I love every bit of it! It has been a continual delight to know your family through many years now and to see the love continue and grow–your parents’ love for each other, for their children, the love of you children for them. It is a beautiful, precious thing.

    You did an outstanding job with this. I can’t imagine a better gift for two people who deserve so much!

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