I have been planning this project for over a year, and finally seeing it in person makes me SO happy! Before we even bought the house, I knew I wanted this wall in our living room to have hexagon shelves. I’ve been keeping a box of stuff in my office, collecting items that I want on the various shelves throughout the house, and now I actually get to set some of it out!! 😄

I like everything to be neat and tidy, and that applies to our decor as well. I definitely didn’t want it to get too cluttered on the shelves, so I decided to stick to a plant theme. You can never have too many plants!! I am praying that these little shelves will get enough light to keep my plants alive, and if not I’ll have to switch over to some fake plants. But if you remember from our Fiddle Leaf post, I’m extremely picky when it comes to my fake plants! The shelves have been up for about two weeks now, and so far the plants are still growing! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they continue to thrive 🙌🏼

We made the shelves out of poplar, and I think they turned out so beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing about them! The process of making them really wasn’t all that difficult, or very long! Chris whipped all 6 hexagons out in a weekend. It’s the planning and all the math that takes a good bit longer. And that’s something I am extremely bad at, haha! Getting those angles right on the hexagons is WAY more involved than I thought it was! Once you figure out the angles, it’s pretty fast because you just cut out a bunch of boards exactly the same.

Originally we were going to make all the angles 60°, because that should make them all fit together as a perfect hexagon. But after some trial and error, Chris found that 59° actually made our hexagons fit perfectly. Something must be slightly off with the miter saw! Also, in the planning stage, figuring out the exact size that I wanted was a bit of a challenge, because if you haven’t noticed, I’m a little picky 😉 I wanted them to fill up a good portion of the wall, but also not take up too much room, because I didn’t want our Christmas tree to block the hexagons, and I have plans to use a bit of the wall on the left side of the unit.

Just to give you more frame of reference for how long we’ve been planning for this… Back when we took down our Christmas tree in January, we marked the wall with how far over our shelves could come before it would start to block the tree. I told you, I’m insane. But I’m so glad we did that, because fingers crossed, we’ll have the perfect amount of space between the shelves and the tree come this Christmas season 😉

Okay, I feel like that’s definitely enough writing about this, let’s get on to the video and the photos!


I found this mini salt lamp at the thrift store for $1!

Hexagon Shelves Wall Art

August 17, 2019

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