Today we are celebrating Lincoln’s second birthday!! When we got him from the rescue, his paperwork said that his birthday was March 9th, but since he was a stray I guess we’ll never know for sure. But I am more than happy to celebrate March 9th like it’s the exact day he was born! Shhhh, don’t tell him, but the UPS man is delivering a new toy for him later today 😉

Lincoln has brought the most joy to us, and I can’t imagine life without him now! He’s only been in our family for four months, but I love him so much! Truly the best dog ever. He’s going to live forever and don’t even think about trying to convince me otherwise.

I thought that in honor of his birthday, I would share six things about Lincoln that I love and want to remember forever!

  1. He has two identical toys (except for being different colors) that he loves equally, but he refuses to play with both of them at the same time. Ducky (yellow) and Platypus (blue) are his favorite toys, and he loves it when we play fetch with them! But if you’re playing fetch with Ducky, and then throw Platypus, he doesn’t care in the slightest. But the next day he’ll probably switch it up and want nothing to do with Ducky. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. He has been shockingly easy to train, and he catches on so quickly! Just the other day, I taught him how to take food gently in just a minute or two! He had a problem with snatching the food from your fingers, but now when we say “geeeeently”, he super slowly and gingerly takes the treat from you. It’s hilarious, and I’m so proud of him! He also sits on command just by us snapping our fingers, we don’t have to say a word!
  3. He doesn’t typically like to stay in the office with me while I’m working (he has too many other comfy places around the house to sleep!), but about every hour on the dot he’ll wander in and touch my arm with his nose, like he’s just making sure I’m still there. So adorable! 😍
  4. I’m so thankful that he does well on walks! He doesn’t pull on the leash, and is super happy to just walk right beside me. And I’m also so thankful that he doesn’t mind his crate! I just tell him “Lincoln, please get in your crate” and he immediately goes to the bedroom and lays down! It’s honestly ridiculous how good he is. 
  5. Since we got him in November, we’ve heard him bark maybe 4 or 5 times. He is very curious about things, but he doesn’t get too worked up about them! If he sees deer outside the window, he’ll run to watch them and be on high alert, but he won’t make any noise. The only thing that gets him worked up is sirens!! It cracks us up… no matter what, if it’s on tv, our phones, or in real life, he immediately perks up and tilts his head like crazy! It’s like he knows he’s a German Shepherd and it’s in his blood to go help someone!
  6. We let him sleep on the sofa, but only on the section where his blanket is (don’t worry, his blanket takes up the majority of the couch 😉) so his nails don’t tear up the leather. But sometimes (it’s pretty rare) I walk into the living room and I see him sleeping on the end of the chaise, and he gives me the cutest puppy dog eyes ever. Like “please mama, let me stay here”, even though there’s NO way it can be as comfy as his blanket! 😂
  7. And a bonus one, because I could sit here all day and come up with things I love about him… He loves to lay his head on top of the heater vents in the floor, and I think that’s just the most adorable thing ever.


I baked him a cake for his birthday (you can find the recipe here), and he loved it! It’s mostly peanut butter, so what’s not to love?? And don’t worry, I let him have a couple bites and then I put the rest away for later 😉

He was legitimately rolling his eyes at how long I was making him wait for his birthday cake.


I just love him!




This is when I realized I messed up… I took these pictures by myself, and when he went to grab it I realized that he’d drop all that peanut butter on our beautiful bedroom rug! But I grabbed it just in time 🤣


The other day, I saw the way the light was shining onto his crate, so I made him get inside and pose for me 🤣 Poor guy.

What a goof!


This is his Ducky that he loves so much ❤️


Happy birthday, sweet boy! We love you!

Happy Birthday, Lincoln!

March 9, 2019

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