This past Sunday was my dad’s 50th birthday! Mom planned a big surprise party for him on Saturday, and he had absolutely no idea it was coming. Dad had a meeting at church, and mom said she was picking him up afterwards to drive him to a birthday dinner. She blindfolded him and drove around in a bunch of circles to confuse him, and ended up back in the church parking lot! They walked up and dad took off his blindfold and all his friends and family shouted “surprise!”!

My dad is truly such a wonderful man, and he has always been an amazing father to us girls! For our present to him, we all wrote 10 things we love about him, and Kate turned it into a photo book. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. I love that you always let us get the cool tennis shoes!
  2. I love that you always get dressed up for church on Sundays
  3. I love how you always made time for us growing up and were never too busy for us
  4. I love how you always told people that you were proud to have all daughters
  5. I love that when we went to the grocery store with you we always got to get the fun Little Debbie snacks!
  6. I love that you always pray for us before we travel on big trips
  7. I love that you taught us by example what to look for in our husbands
  8. I love that we can always count on you to have a handkerchief and lifesaver mints
  9. I love all of your life lessons like “when all else fails x=8”
  10. I love that you love Jesus above all else and you show us what it means to live a Godly life

We love you dad! You’re the best <3

Penny fell asleep less than 5 minutes after Chris started holding her… as usual 😂


Happy birthday, dad!

Dad’s 50th Birthday Party

May 8, 2019

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