Almost 2020

It is insane to me that this is the end of an entire decade! And I just realized that I’ve been blogging for well over a decade (since 2008!)… How on earth that happened, I have no idea. So much has changed since then! Blogging has seen me as I graduated high school, started working […]

December 31, 2019

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Christmas 2019

Wow, what a year it’s been! And what a wonderful Christmas we had. I decided to do one post to catch up on all the Christmas photos I have, instead of trying to do a bunch of posts. On the 17th, we took Joelle and some of her friends to Christmas Town! It ended up […]

December 30, 2019

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The Greenbrier 2019

Well, another year, another Greenbrier blog post! I doubt that I’ll ever get tired of walking the Dorothy Draper designed halls that are so tacky and so wonderful. I love hearing the history from Chris, and I learn something new each time we go! This year, we got there quite a bit earlier than usual […]

December 14, 2019

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DIY Gingerbread Houses

I feel like, by definition, gingerbread houses are pretty DIY in nature anyway 😂 But I feel like I went the extra mile by actually making the gingerbread and cutting out all the pieces for the houses! I didn’t want to spend all the money on a kit, and I figured it couldn’t be that hard. […]

December 12, 2019

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A (Very Late) Thanksgiving Post

You know, some days there’s just too much going on to take time to think about a good blog post name, and today is one of those days. So here we are 😂 We were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with lots of family this year, but I only took pictures at Chris’s […]

December 10, 2019

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Chris and I are in the very very beginning stages of creating a homestead. It is our ultimate goal to someday be as self sustaining as possible, achieved by having our own livestock and garden. That is a very big goal, not to mention expensive 😄 But we’re taking small steps to make that dream […]


Have I been great at keeping up with posting this winter? Nope. Honestly, have I been great at keeping up with posting since I started this blog?? Also nope 😄 But I’m just fine with that! There are a lot of important things happening, and I actually have decided to put blogging on the back […]


About two weeks ago I had an idea to gift my parents with a fun anniversary photo session. The last time I remember doing a specific photoshoot or my parents was 2011! Which is just not acceptable as a photographer 😄 Also, please do yourself a favor and look at the photos from 2011 and have a […]


It’s so hard to believe that our sweet niece is already a year old! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago we were meeting her for the first time, all tiny and squishy and new. She has grown into an adorable little toddler, and she’s so smart! Her first birthday party was on Saturday, […]


Not only was this the first snow of 2020, but it was also the first snow all winter! The past few years in Virginia, it hasn’t been unusual for most of our big snows to happen January-March. But we typically get at least a small amount of snow in December! But 2019 was just too […]

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