Chris and I are in the very very beginning stages of creating a homestead. It is our ultimate goal to someday be as self sustaining as possible, achieved by having our own livestock and garden. That is a very big goal, not to mention expensive 😄 But we’re taking small steps to make that dream a reality someday!

One of those steps was getting bees! We’ve been talking about getting them for well over a year now, but this year was finally the time. It’ll take a while before the bees make enough honey for us to take some to eat, but that’s okay! For now I’m enjoying watching them buzz around and be busy.

In our garden and flower beds this year, we’ve planned some bushes and flowers that bees love. It’s fun doing the research to discover what things are most beneficial to them! Our front yard is currently full of flowering weeds, but we’ve waited to mow so that the bees can have plenty of pollen.

Chris is the resident bee expert around here, and I’m just along for the ride. But I’m looking forward to learning more about them, and seeing how they benefit and interact with all the other things we want to do on our property.

The bees weren’t supposed to come until April 10th, but because it’s been so warm, they were ready early! We put them into their boxes on March 26th, and it didn’t take long at all for them to start buzzing around happily! I went and checked on them the next day, and there were bees flying all around, and huddled at the entrance to their hives. It amazes me that they already know which hive is their home! The research that I’ve done on bees (and from what Chris has told me), they are truly amazing creatures that are so intelligent! It’s beautiful to watch them, and gives me a new appreciation for the delicious honey we eat.

I wore the bee suit, and Chris was happy with just a hat! His family had bees, so he’s very used to dealing with them.

I can’t believe how fuzzy and cute they are!!

Their queen is inside that little square!

Call Us The Beekeepers

March 30, 2020

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