You remember Reginald the Swan… now get ready for Bingo the Flamingo! 😂

Well, another year of family vacation is in the books! We continue to have fewer Sacra’s, and more son-in-laws on our trip! 😂 Our entire family doesn’t get to be all together as often as we’d like (thought it’s a lot more frequent now that Kate and Ron live in Virginia, thanks guys!), so our yearly vacation is something we all look forward to! Every year it gets harder to fit our growing family, but none of us are complaining ☺️

We stayed at the lake a day longer than we usually do, which was really nice because we were able to go to Bridgewater Plaza for a few hours. Typically on our vacations, we stay at the lake house and don’t go anywhere, but this year we wanted to branch out a little! 

All in all, it was a relaxing time away with family! But me being the homebody that I am, I was also ready to be home and sleep in my own bed. It’s fairly difficult to be a homebody with an adventurous spirit, because those two traits don’t coincide all too well 😉 

Next year, our plan is to go to the beach! We haven’t been to the beach for our family vacation since 2013. I definitely prefer the lake, but some of the guys in the family want the ocean waves! We’re already looking for a beach house to rent, because we had a terrible time finding a lake house this year! Admittedly, we shouldn’t started searching much earlier 😄

First, here’s our lake video for the year! Or, maybe more accurately, the video of Penny’s first vacation 😉


The stairs to get down to the lake were absolutely ridiculous, but worth it every time!


The house came with two paddle boards, two kayaks, and a paddle boat. We were super excited to try to paddle boards! They were much easier than I thought they’d be!


I was so glad we were able to take Lincoln! He actually really wasn’t a fan of being in the water… definitely makes us wonder what he might have experienced before we adopted him! He was very glad to be with us on vacation, but he didn’t have any interest in being in the water.


Penny’s first family vacation!


Lincoln really loved all the porches!


Look at those CHUNKY thighs!!!


Chris, Joelle, Oliver, and I went for a bike ride one morning!


Dad and Penny enjoyed some naps 🙂


Even though he didn’t like being in the water, Lincoln loved the paddle boat! It was so cute watching him 😂



I got Penny this shirt, for obvious reasons 😉


Thankful for another year with my wonderful family!

Bingo the Flamingo for President

June 21, 2019

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