If you’re new around here, on the last day of the year, I share a recap of the entire year! I link to blog posts when applicable, and unfortunately this year I don’t have as many as I typically do! But between planning a wedding and this being my last year as a wedding photographer, it was a very busy time!! I am so thankful for this new blog, which is giving me a space to write again and share my thoughts (whether or not they want to be read ;).

I don’t think I can truly put into words what an incredible year 2018 has been. And it’s so special that I get to look back and read about all my years since 2010! So many things have changed, but I couldn’t be more grateful. I love reading through those past years. It’s an easy way to remember the big events, and also a lot of the smaller ones too. If you’d like, feel free to go back and read them for yourself!

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But now for 2018… the best year of my life so far!

I started the year off with some BIG news! I shared that 2018 would be my very last year as a wedding photographer. It’s been almost a full year since that announcement, and it’s been 2 months since I officially went full time as a private photo editor (though I’ve been editing for other photographers since October 2017). I am SO thankful for this job, and I absolutely love it! Also in January I found my wedding dress, and booked lots of vendors for our big day!!

We got some beautiful snow, I photographed some skating classes, and I met Michael & Janelle (and their sweet pup, Stella!) for their engagement session! I also saw The Greatest Showman 7 times in theater… Yes, Chris was concerned about my well being, haha.

We had a short-lived snow storm, I photographed my first bridal session EVER, and Chris and I started looking at houses to buy!

Happy 22nd birthday to me! We spent the weekend in Richmond with Kate and Ron, to celebrate Easter (which was on my birthday!) and see Ron get baptized! I also photographed my first wedding of 2018, and intimate family-only day with Cory & Claire! More BIG news is that Chris moved up to Virginia on the 12th! He got a job, and moved into our house until we could finalize house plans. The poor guy ended up sleeping on the couch for two months! Jordan & Candice got married on a beautiful day, Kate finished our wedding invitations, and the bridesmaids dresses got ordered! Chris and I also had our engagement photos taken, and I’m still obsessed with them! For my last sessions in April, I shot Rob & Barb’s engagement session, and Chris’s sister got married!

Jack & Allison stepped in front of my camera, and they were seriously such natural models! Then there was Zach & Lauren, and they even brought their dog along! You know I love it when that happens 🙂 Chris and I celebrated one year of dating with a date night at Olive Garden, I photographed Ryan & Erika’s elegant and classic wedding, and took Maddy’s headshots! The big news in May is that we bought a house!! After all our searching and looking for the best home for us, we finally found it. Now, after having owned it for 7 months, I can say that it’s exactly what we need!

Rob & Barb got married at one of my favorite venues, and I almost didn’t make it home that night! The river flooded the bridge to my house, but thankfully by the time I got there, it was low enough to walk across! I photographed Clarence & Lyndsey’s engagement session and wedding just a few days apart, because it kept raining on our scheduled dates! We had our Sacra Family Lake Trip, and it was as fun as ever! I had my first dress fitting, we went to IKEA, I power washed the new house, and I photographed Zach & Lauren’s big day! On the very last day of the month, and one of the hottest of the year, Hannah & Andy got married!

It truly felt like summer, and honestly I couldn’t have been happier! Chris and I had a wonderful 4th of July, and we finally got him moved into the new house! I was sad that he had to leave, but glad that someone would be living in the house we’d call home! His mom threw me a bridal shower, and it was so weird that I was the bride this time!! I had my final fitting for my wedding dress, and I was so glad to check that off my list 🙂 I also made a post trying to explain my absence on the blog, and how a lot has changed for me.

We got a kitten, and we named her Mia! She was such a tiny thing when we got her, and she loves being a barn cat! Chris, Joelle, and I went to the West Virginia State Fair, and the bridesmaids dresses came in! My mom and sisters threw another bridal shower for me, and it was Friends themed! It was so much fun 🙂

I photographed my very last wedding – ever! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple, Jack & Allison are the sweetest and kindest people you’ll meet! More big news, Aldi finally opened in town, and ever since I have been OBSESSED! Chris and I got a bunch of little wedding projects done, and his sister had a sweet little baby boy <3 The river flooded again, but this time we were both on the same side of it! The bridge was closed for two days, so we just stayed put and played games! Kate, Jenny, Joelle, and I had a blast in Richmond for my bachelorette party, and I second shot a wedding for the last time! Chris and I went to his parents home to make apple cider for the wedding, and things were finally kicking in high gear for our big day!!

I shared my favorite engagement and wedding images of all time, kind of as my way to close out that chapter of my life! After that, I pretty much dropped off the face of my blog. I had a wedding to get ready for! 🙂 October was full of finalizing wedding plans, editing for my clients during the busy season, and then on the 26th getting MARRIED!! It was truly the most wonderful day ever <3 Chris had a whole week off for our honeymoon, and of course I was so sad when he had to go back 🙂

I revealed my brand new blog, and basically my new outlook on blogging! We also got a puppy, and he is just the most wonderful dog!! We love him so much! I planned a baby shower, we got a big ice storm, and we had four Thanksgivings. Chris and I also got our first Christmas tree, and it’s so so beautiful!

Chris took me back to the Greenbrier to see all the lights and decor, and on the 8th my family went back to Christmas Town! We got lots of beautiful snow, and I spent lots of time out in it taking pictures 😉 On the 15th, Lincoln started his heartworm treatment, and even though we’ve been very fortunate with how well he’s responding to the treatment, it’s still been very hard! He will be done with the treatment on February 12th, and I can’t wait for everything to be back to normal!

Almost 2019

December 31, 2018

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