I have been wanting a simple bench for our front porch for a little while now. I think a bench is a great way to add a bit of decoration, because you can either leave it as-is, or add more elements to it! Our porch is hard to decorate, because it’s long and narrow. Adding a bench to the very end grabs your attention!

Chris made this bench with scrap pressure treated wood, and I stained it with Old Masters American Walnut. We’ve made quite a few things that are much higher quality (and made with higher quality wood 😂), but again, I just wanted something quick and simple. Maybe someday we’ll upgrade it, but for now it works for exactly what I needed it for! It’ll also be great this winter when Chris has snowy/muddy boots, because he can take them off outside instead of bringing them onto the hardwood floor! 😉

I’m pretty late in getting this post up, so these pictures are from a couple weeks ago. By this point in the year, I’m already focused and excited about Christmas! 😂 But I really love the fall display I created this year… it makes me smile whenever I walk onto the porch!

There’s also a few pictures of Lincoln on the porch, in honor of us having him for an entire year!! November 4th was his Gotcha Day. We can’t imagine him not being a part of our family! We love him so much, and he’s the best boy ❤️

Since taking these pictures, I’ve had to take down all my ferns 😞 It’s getting SO cold at night! Now mom is fostering them for me at her house, which has abundant window light! I’ll take them back next spring, and I’m already excited about it! 😆

A Porch Project

November 8, 2019

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