Can you really put a price on a good fiddle leaf fig? The correct answer is yes, but the answer I want to hear is “no, Emily, fiddle leaf figs are fantastic and you should spend all the money necessary to buy a beautiful one”.

I’ve been in the market for a fiddle leaf fig for pretty close to a year now. I love all greenery, but these figs have been calling my name! I think they are so pretty, and I’ve wanted at least one in our house ever since we bought it.

I had two problems though… One, a good fiddle leaf fig is expensive! Typically well over $100, sometimes closer to $200, sometimes even more! The faux fiddle’s (I don’t think anyone actually calls them that, haha) can also be super expensive, or super fake looking. And like everything else in my life, I am very particular about my fake plants!

The second problem is the lack of natural light in our house. It makes it very difficult to have real plants in general! With little hope for a real fiddle leaf, and no beautiful (and inexpensive) faux’s in sight, I decided to wait for the perfect plant to pop up.

During our most recent trip to IKEA, I found the most beautiful faux fiddle leaf fig I’ve seen! And to make it even more perfect, it was only $49.99! I also grabbed a basket that was $12.99, and voila! It’s truly a beauty. The leaves are rubbery like a real fig, not a fabric/cloth/paper like some of the ones at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Of course if you get up close to it and really examine it, you can tell it’s not real. But it looks real from a distance, and I know it will never die, and that makes it SO worth it to me!

I wanted to make it look as real as possible, so when I got it home I fluffed up the leaves quite a bit. Just to make up for any of the squish that happened on the car ride home, haha 😂 Plus, fake plants generally need to be messed with a little to get them looking decent. I also decided to fill the basket with real dirt, so it’d look even more real! We put a bunch of random stuff in the bottom of the basket to take up more space, then poured a bunch of potting soil in!

See? I’m proud of my fancy dirt trick.


Yeah, some of these photos are recycled from the curtains post, but what can you do 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you’re in the market for a faux fiddle leaf fig, I definitely recommend this IKEA one! I pulled a few out to examine them and make sure I was getting the best looking one, so if you can, I’d suggest going into a store to pick it out. Happy fiddle leaf fig buying!

A Fiddle Leaf Named Phineas

April 8, 2019

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